Seaview Art Gallery

In this section you will be able to learn a little bit about the gallery and the people behind it. In 2009 as a family we bought the gallery and since then we have been going from strength to strength. We originally focused on maritime and Isle of Wight landscape scenes by predominatly Isle of Wight artists.

Although, we do still work mostly with Island based artists our subject matter has widended somewhat. Alongside our classic scenes we also show abstract work by artists such as Lisa Traxler and Lynn Young and from the mainland Jennie Slater. Impressionist work by Island artists Barbara Gould and Holly Maslen. Contempoary and classic still life paintings by Raymond Burt and Carolyn Pavey. We have gained some incredibly well known artists such as Shane Couch, James Bartholomew and Jeremy Houghton.

Whilst our goal is still to promote the wonderful work of over 50 of our Island artists our relationships with artists from the mainland continue to grow.