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Ljubinka Kovacevic-Mimovic moved to England in 1967 where she enrolled at Starbridge Art College. These formative years had a major impact on her artistic development, which continued from 1973-1978 at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade. There she studied under the Mediala painter, Sinisa Vukovic. Ljubunka taught Art in Belgrade from 1978-1982, before moving back to London. Starting from a traditional form of painting through years of homages to old masters and familiar subject matter I began to depart from the targeted expression of my criteria to a different realm of values. Maintaining the criteria only on a subconscious level my work began to engage in bridging the waves, the spaces and emotions of contemporary and future sensations. I hope that I can say that nowadays I paint my way - discovering each painting by "stealing it from the light of my consciousness".