A & K Wilson Gallery

2015 marks my 26th year picture framing in Harpenden and my colleague Sarah Sharp GCF has been working with me for the last ten of these. In these ever changing times we're happy to report that not too much has changed in the world of framing, and in fact we quite like it that way. Every piece brought in for framing is special to the customer and that person still needs to feel confident in the framers ability to help in the selection process; to trust their 'eye' in matters of design and composition.

The permutations of mount, frame and glass are endless and can be fairly daunting, but having been talked through a few options we generally find our customers soon begin to quite enjoy the process. It's all about collaboration, and with the client's input we hope to give them exactly what they want. As well as the aesthetic aspect another important consideration may be the question of conservation.