Birnam Arts & Conference Centre

The Birnam Arts & Conference Centre has its origins in the scheme initiated by John Kinnaird, the local stationmaster, in1880 to create a community facility for 'education and entertainment'. Prior to this a working mans club, inaugurated by Lord John Manners in 1876, met in cramped premises in Birnam Terrace.

John Kinnaird enlisted the help of the many visitors who arrived at Birnam station en route to their villas and shooting lodges. Through these contacts he and his committee raised Ј500 towards the cost of the Building. The land, on the north side of Station Road, and the stone were gifted by the laird, Sir Douglas Stewart of Murthly. The remainder of the money required was raised from a 'Grand Bazaar of Fancy and Other Work' that ran for three days to coincide with the Birnam Games in august and produced the magnificent sum of Ј880.19s.