I-machine Art & Design

Patricia is a contemporary visual artist and curator whose work merges traditional and digital media. Her practice is a research-driven response to natural environments, human conditions and social histories.

For a brief period I was able to escape daily routines and just sit.and watch. Like so many artists before me and since, I found the ocean spellbinding: huge and wildly forbidding one day, serene and motionless the next. I was lucky enough to return, twice, and I took hundreds of photographs, filmed, kept a journal, made drawings. What always catches my interest with a Place is its geology, and how that has determined people's lives, and shaped the landscape. In Cornwall, my retreat was a wild and windy walk away from some of its most-filmed tin mines, the Crown mines at Botallack, and not many miles inland were stones chosen, hewn and stacked thousands of years before tin-mining was dreamt of. This rugged landscape has always inspired painters, sculptors, musicians and poets.