Karin Janssen Project Space

Karin Janssen Project Space is an independent exhibition space, founded in 2011 in London, run and programmed by Dutch artist Karin Janssen. Karin Janssen Project Space provides a platform for international emerging and established artists. In recent years Karin has developed a curatorial practice that is closely linked to her practice as an artist. Four years the space was comfortably nestled in a renovated former hairdressers on Well Street in Hackney, East London, evidently a part of the local community in between a family butcher and a pound shop. In 2015 the time has come for Karin Janssen Project Space to spread its wings and in early 2015 the space has expanded to China. Based in Shanghai the interaction between London, the Netherlands and Shanghai will become an important part of the project space's practice. The aim of the coming years is to work as a connecting presence between the UK, Europe and Asia.