The word "KUKLA" has Russian origin and translates as a "pretty doll", an item of attachment, love and fortune. Traditionally we associate "KUKLA" with our childhood memories, the times of genuine childish joy and happiness. This Gallery is offering you these exact associations in a newer and fresher form. Combined together our artists from Russian, Ukraine, UK, Italy etc are offering you their visions and inspirations of the modern dolls. The Gallery is divided into 7 Categories, which could be accessed on the Home Page.

Just "poke" the desired picture and we shall magically take you to that particular range of dolls. All of our dolls are handmade and are one off collectable pieces, designed and crafted specially for you! Varying in price, size, and materials, they are supplied with a Doll Certificate. We hope you enjoy our collectable dolls and look forward to seeing you again in our "KUKLA" Gallery!