London Art Therapy

My name is Amanda Wright and I have been painting since I left Chelsea College of Art in 1980. I have a BSc in Psychology from Birkbeck College and an MA in Art Therapy from Goldsmiths College. I have been practising as an Art Therapist since 2001. I am registered with BAAT to practice privately and also with the HPC. I have completed a 3 year Infant Observation course with BAP and am a member of the C.G. Jung Analytical Psychology Club.

As a painter, I strongly believe in the healing power of art and see the creative process as a journey of exploration and growth. I work eclectically and psychodynamically using theories from Freud, Winnicott, Klein and Bowlby with a Jungian emphasis. I believe the act of creativity is healing for everybody who wants to do it. It can be seen as a way of repairing the injured sense of self. Creativity does something, it fills you. I believe in the Jungian concept of the four functions of the mind: thinking, feeling, intuition, sensation.