Lucy Bell Fine Art

Her new Gallery is dedicated to promoting exhibiting and selling Fine Art Photography, and also to hosting talks, workshops, and portfolio reviews. Working with with both industry professionals, amateurs and university students the gallery will exhibit not only those who have established their careers but new and groundbreaking talent. Exhibitions to date include /Brian Duffy -The Third Man/Ken Russell Photographer-Filmaker/Fay Godwin -Colourworks/ Robin Bells' Silver Footprint/ Martyn Colbeck-Elephants of Amboseli/ Harriet Logan- Unveiled/ Tim Flach - Dogs Gods/Steven Berkoff - East End Photographs/Flower Show - Barry Lategan and Bruce Rae/Maslen&Mehra- Mirrored/ Colin Jones - The Who 1966/ John Thornton and Hiroko Enseki - Love in The House of the Nobleman/ Through the Eyes of Lee Miller.

She has also run community projects such as Folk-Us on Robertsbridge with photographer Malcolm Glover, and worked with Brighton Photo Biennial curators, and university galleries on touring exhibitions.