Nature In Fine Art

Combining my love of wildlife and art; whilst also working alongside wildlife conservation groups - I have been fortunate to realise a lifelong dream. My artwork very much reflects my love of nature. My natural history paintings, drawings and pet portraits are highly-detailed and portrayed using a variety of media including: pencil, oil, pastel and gouache. I have been working as a self-taught professional Wildlife Artist since 1989 and have also been a keen naturalist and conservationist for many years.

Whilst combining my love of 'Wildlife and Art', I also support Wildlife Conservation Societies through my artwork. I have exhibited artwork at a number of galleries including: the London Zoological Society; whilst working with the Orangutan Foundation, and the Society of Wildlife Artists Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. My paintings, drawings, artwork and fine art prints can also be found in private collections throughout the U.K, and in many countries around the world.