Oil Paintings By Gosia Kryk

Gosia Kryk is based in London and produces oil paintings. Gosia chose oil paintings as a way to express herself. Years of designer's work have strongly influenced her idea of creation and her oil painting process aims towards a two-dimensional piece of applied art. Where did you train? What did training teach you and what do you wish it had taught you? I graduated from the State Art Secondary School in Naleczow and the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts. Mainly I was trained in painting during my study. At that time I made an acquaintance with screen printing, theory of design, visual art and many more. As result I fell in love with decorative art. Maybe it sounds strange but the solid ground for painting was built from long lasting, arduous drawing practice. Both in secondary artistic school and higher school I was preoccupied with using a pencil. Obviously I have been painting a lot as well. In many ways it turned out to be beneficial for me.