Rosemary Abrahams' Studio Gallery

If you wish to purchase any painting please contact us for availability and pricing as Rosemary's painting are often shown in galleries. Rosemary also accepts commissions, so if you like a particular painting but want a specific size or colour scheme then check out the commissions page for more details.

Rosemary's work has developed along 4 different genres - landscapes, florals, abstracts and seascapes. Her pre-occupation with paint effects and surface texture runs through all aspects of her work. The result is a body of work with discernable common features, but which manifests infinite variety in its realisation.

Her paintings are produced on a wide range of canvasses from 2 metres plus to intimate pieces no more than 20cm square. The surface of the work is enriched by the use of a thick plaster ground, which can be incised to create line work, which then permits the application of both colour washes and saturated colour.