The Chartwell Gallery

Established in 1977, the Chartwell Gallery offers a friendly professional in-house framing service by Brian Davis BA (hons) and Jane Kent. We only use wood mouldings such as obeche, oak, beech, lime, ash, and pine with conservation quality materials, to ensure the maximum protection for our framing.

Light damage is often gradual, but irreversible. Artwork or prints should never be exposed to direct sunlight from windows, especially early morning or evening when the sun is low in the sky and UV exposure is greatest. Light enters rooms from windows and bounces from walls and ceilings. This indirect light is less damaging of course, but this exposure is often overlooked. We use Tru Vue Conservation Clear 2.5mm glass which has a UV filter that absorbs 99% of the damaging ultraviolet energy. Vulnerable items include fabrics, cross stitch, needlepoint, silks, watercolours, papyrus, and sports shirts with signatures.