Turn Around Artwork

I have spent the vast majority of my life working with wood, in one form or another. I began my working life pre-apprenticed to a prestigious bench joinery company in Coventry at the age of 15, and completed my apprenticeship 6 years later aged 21.

And despite pursuing a professional career in civil & structural engineering design, my interest in working with wood has remained with me throughout my life. For many years I taught joinery crafts at the local technical college, to apprenticed tradesmen and women.

Now that I am able to be entirely selective about the aspects of the trades and crafts that I pursue, I concentrate upon wood-turning, and to complement my love of photography, picture framing and the classical and contemporary display of all manner of artwork and art forms. My speciality is the design and construction of framing, furniture or decorative art, which includes turning, carving and hand-finishing, in traditional hardwood species.