What If Gallery

Kent based artist, Samuel Capell will open his solo exhibition, "WE LIVE TO EAT" on Friday 3rd April and has already received a host of plaudits from the local art scene in Folkestone.

This exhibition which aspires to highlight society's dependency on fast food, will feature over 20 pieces of work including limited editions prints of the 'Ten Condiments', a large acrylic painting of 'Please Sir, I'm Hooked' featuring Oliver Twist holding out for more fries and work inspired by the artist Barbara Kruger. However, the main piece of the exhibition is London Orbital, which comprises of 200 postcard sized pieces, each depicting a McDonald's outlet within the M25. Artist Capell, visited each store to gain inspiration for the artwork which has taken him over 1 year to complete.

We would like to send a very big thank you to all for supporting us, without the artists that paint and exhibit with us, we would not be able to continue our good work.