Wolf At The Door

I spent much of my early childhood in Germany and Africa - where I read every book on my parents' shelves, became fascinated by the patterns on everyday objects, and learned to make lino-cuts. We returned to a dark rainy London when I was in my teens. I detested school but was rescued by an inspirational art teacher, Meriel Cardew (wife of the potter Michael), a vivid, kindly figure. Highlights included visits from Michael and from the Nigerian potter Ladi Kwali. At this point I wanted to be a singer, a writer and an artist! I was firmly steered away from these delights into an academic path by school and parents. Somehow I found myself a university lecturer on medieval French literature.

I continued to paint and pot and draw. I finally turned to more or less full-time art in the mid-90s and followed courses in Art and Design, Textiles and Ceramics. I won a prize, actually a commission to create a mural 6'x24' for a local firm, and my design work for City and Guilds was shortlisted for a medal.