Didgi Widgi

Ay up! (a Yorkshire greeting, as that's where I'm from). You have now landed on the home page of my web site (I'm Sam Freek the artist/photographer). Didgi Widgi is the name of my online gallery and it is here where I showcase my original and limited edition abstract industrial canvas wall art, paintings, art prints and photography. Words get in the way for me as I am not a wordsmith and tend to think in images and colours which coincide with my feelings, these are what I sell, so you could say that you are buying a part of me too. Most of the time I have ideas flying around my head that need to be turned into art, if they don't get turned into art they just fester and pester my brain until I get time to create them. So forgive me if I keep this short and sweet but I have a lot of ideas to get through which keeps on growing everyday. I do hope you enjoy looking though my art and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.