Heath Rosselli Portraits

An established figurative painter working in a traditionalist realist style, Heath Rosselli is part of the new wave of super realists, using time-honoured techniques to produce paintings with a depth and resonance of colour.

Specialising in oil portraiture, Heath Rosselli applies the methods of Renaissance masters to both formal and personal commissions, as well as self generated exhibition pieces, during the painting process. The evolution of each individual portrait is achieved through the careful use of these classical techniques as well as the subconscious process of capturing the fundamental essence of the sitter in paint.

Mainly self taught, Heath has been painting professionally for twenty-two years with subsequent training in the studios of David Denby and Rosa Branson. During this time, Heath's acclaimed work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries and the New English Art Club.