Katie Millard Artwork

I fell in love with the Norfolk coast on my very first visit in the 1980's, when a friends and I stayed at the Blakeney Hotal and I was immediately captivated. I felt I had come home, I could not stay away and over the next few years, I lived in Norfolk more than in my house in Suffolk.

I paint watercolours on very heavy paper in order that I can move it around while I am painting, unencumbered by stretched paper on board. I do not use pencil, instead painting straight onto the surface, spending most of the time thinking about what I will leave out and what colours to use, always ready to make use of the 'happy accidents' that occur when using water colour. I also paint very quickly.

I like to reduce elements in the painting to the absolute minimum, capturing the mood of nature and it's wildlife. The far distant storm gathering to come ashore, the wind blowing the sand into the air, obscuring and then revealing the landscape, every moment special and unique.