Just about to enter its eighth year of trading in Woodbridge, RE+new is now on the map as 'the modernist gallery' in the area. Representing in excess of forty artists, mostly local and substantially contemporary, owner Geoff Witts is delighted with the mix of art and the reputation that the gallery has gained in a relatively short time. He is always keen to see 'new art', sometimes young artists straight out of college, but often the trained and lapsed who have found time or reason to return to their true passion after a career of necessity. Equally, it's always exciting to meet instinctive artists who have just just discovered a real talent which needs developing.

However, RE+new is about more than art, as though that is not enough! You will always find that special piece of 'design furniture' whether it's a classic piece which has enjoyed loving use or an item selected from the comprehensive range offered by VITRA of which this gallery is a selected stockist.