Strand Gallery

The gallery shows an eclectic and idiosyncratic range of art - largely reflecting director Ron Howell's enthusiasms and friendships. Paintings and prints by modern British artists such as Terry Frost, Geoffrey Clarke, Margaret Thomas and Sandra Blow are shown alongside those by younger artists such as Tessa Newcomb and Jo Gorner, as well as pieces by established makers such as jeweller Wendy Ramshaw and sculptor Guy Taplin.

The gallery looks after the sculptor Jonathan Clarke and has curated shows in Venice, the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth and most recently a touring exhibition in Denmark for the Danish Cultural Institute.

Jewellery is largely European and most of it exclusive to the gallery in the UK. There is also metalwork by the Italian maker Antonio Sciortino and glass from Denmark by Tobias Mшhl and an English maker Ned Cantrell. Contemporary Murano glass by makers such as Massimo Micheluzzi and Luigi Camozzo is a regular feature.