Walton & Bovill Fine Art

With over 20 years experience in the world of fine art, Stephen believes in helping people to buy art but never selling it. Stephen has introduced and promoted works of art from established and new artists from around the globe. We will offer friendly advice and guidance to those wishing to enter the art market either as private or corporate buyers, whether as collectors, investors or just art lovers and enthusiasts. Of equal importance in the daily life of the gallery, is the role of the individual artists who we will be working with.

Inspired by John Maynard Keynes' words, we firmly believe the Artist walks where the breath of the spirit blows him. He cannot be told his direction. He doesn't know it himself. But leads the rest of us into fresh pastures and teaches us to love and enjoy what we often begin by rejecting. Giles' professional career has been in a wholly different area. He has long appreciated fine art and often wished for an involvement in the art world.